Kewtech Multifunction Tester

Contact Electrical Wholesale Equipment supplies all kinds of Electrical Testing Equipment such as PAT Adaptor, Battery Tester, Multifunction Installation Tester, Clamp meter, Multimeter, Volt Stick, etc. These Testers are designed to give a clear indication in electrical testing. Contact Electricals supply all kinds of test equipments from leading brands such as Fluke, Robin, Dilog, and Kewtech.

Contact Electricals is specialized in supplying branded electrical equipments such as Kewtech Tester, Kewtech Multimeter Tester, Kewtech PAT Tester, Kewtech Multimeter Test, Kewtech Clamp Test, Kewtech Volt Stick, etc.

Some of the Kewtech Test Equipments are,

Kewtech Multifunction Tester

Kewtech Tester

Kewtech Test Equipment

Kewtech Adaptor