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The KT1720 is a dedicated two pole voltage tester ideal for use with safe isolation procedures. It has five voltage ranges – 12/50/120/230/400V and separate lamps indicate AC or DC with polarity. The KT1720 has a compact design that conforms to the HSE GS38 recommendations and has retractable probe shrouds, it is ready for use straight out of the box and no batteries are required.

Kewtech Voltage Tester - KT1720

Kewtech Voltage Tester – KT1720

I didn’t know that!… The Kewstick Duo can differentiate
between live and earthed cables approximately just 10mm apart!

Using the KT1720 Voltage TesterUnique dual sensitive non-contact voltage detector – just press and hold the desensitising button and you can differentiate between live and earthed cables approximately 10mm apart.

See the Duo in action:

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