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Rooftop bar, the latest exclusive place to be, installs Herschel
(Members Bar in Poultry, London)

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50 zero light Aspect XL3s mounted on the steel structure of the rooftop bar – providing comfortable warmth from a discreet solution that blends in perfectly with the contemporary setting.


The Science behind radiant heat and why it’s turning heads everywhere


This thermal image demonstrates the principle of radiant heat perfectly

  • heating the thermal mass (walls, floor and ceiling) through radiant heating, rather than heating the air with convection, leads to a greater temperature being maintained in the building – the floor is recording a temperature of 29 degrees C
  • once the thermal mass is warm (> 17 degrees C) the heater only needs to be on top up

Infrared heating – definitely not hot air!

Energy efficient, electric heating – commercial, industrial, domestic, outdoors

Contact Electrical Whole Ltd are stockists of Herschel infrared heaters.


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