Hager Distribution Boards

We know the importance of monitoring and managing energy usage in commercial buildings. That’s why our latest range of TP&N boards offer your clients the opportunity to help identify ways of reducing their energy usage and ultimately, their costs.



TP&N Power, Lighting and Services Board

Available with an 8+8+4 split across 20 ways, you can configure the unit to suit most applications where the power, lighting and service loads, such as HVAC, are split for monitoring purposes.

With the overall assembly rated at 200A, this board comes with a range of additional features, such as:

  • Meters to monitor the top, middle and bottom pans
  • Each meter output is independent with no requirement to subtract one reading from another, saving time and removing the risk of confusion
  • The installation process being the same as a standard TP&N board
  • No requirement to assemble on site

Like what you see? The latest range is also available in a variety of dual metered configurations.



TP&N Power & Lighting Board

Available with up to 24 (12+12) ways, our dual metered TP&N Power and Lighting Boards come in a comprehensive range of sizes from 10 to 24.

There are no requirements to pre-determine which load goes on which pan assembly and each meter output is independent, so there is no need to subtract one reading from another. With a single meter, there is only one place where a reading will need to be taken.



TP&N Dual Metered Incomer


Ideal for where power and lighting needs to be metered separately and two individual TP&N boards are to be used.

This board features space for incoming cables to be terminated, a dual meter to monitor both boards independently and two direct connection kits and relevant lugs to facilitate connection to the pan assemblies.




Triple Metered TP&N Incomer

This solution is perfect for applications where power, lighting and services (such as air conditioning units) need to be metered separately and three individual TP&N boards are to be used.

You can expect two meters with three separate outputs, the ability to choose any of our standard TP&N boards to suit the requirements of the installation and much more.

The complete range offers the key benefit of automatically detecting whether the configuration needs to be Pulsed or Modbus and comes with a glazed door as standard to facilitate easy reading of the devices.

Our range of Enhanced Metering and Metered Boards are readily available for your next installation or specification.

Find out more about how our TP & N Power, Lighting and Services Boards and how the rest of our range can benefit your client’s buildings by getting in touch with Contact Electrical – Call : 01213595387  or email us to sales@cewltd.com