At Hager they’re always listening to you. They strive to create solutions which answer the many challenges you face whilst providing you and your clients with an enhanced experience.

Take a look at what they have launched this month:

1) Design 50 Consumer Unit

The latest addition to our award nominated Design range, Design 50 offers the complete solution to house builder and homeowner.

Design 50 is a flush fitting, easy to install Amendment 3 compliant consumer unit which sits neatly to the wall, with smooth lines and curves, and can be decorated in any RAL colour or bespoke artwork. It’s attractive looks and customisation options means there will be no issues in meeting the needs of Part M of the Building Regulations whilst fitting seamlessly into any home.

Design 50 includes:

Removable Chasis
The innovation of Design 50 lies in its ability to be fitted flush to the wall with the devices sitting perfectly within the units front cover. The back box of the unit can also be installed as part of the first fix phase of construction.

Premium Features
You can benefit from the same premium features you have to come to expect to find in a Hager consumer unit, such as a cable clamp to allow incoming meter tails to be safely secured, a full metal DIN rail and a rear cable protection plate.

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2) Enhanced Metering & Triple Metered Boards

Hager now offer additions to their successful Metered Lighting and Power Board range.

  • TP&N Power and Lighting Board
  • Triple Metered Lighting, Power and Services Board
  • Dual Metered Incomer
  • Triple Metered TP&N Incomer

As a perfect addition to their split load metered offer, clients can monitor and manage the energy consumption of each load type to see where energy saving initiatives can be implemented.

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3) LED Floodlight and Lamp

Hager have launched a range of outdoor LED floodlights and lamps, sure to brighten up any building.

Their LED Floodlight with integral PIR provides infrared motion detection and is suitable for a range of applications such as commercial, residential, education and leisure buildings.

The decorative LED Lamp with integral PIR offers infrared motion detection. It automatically energises when somebody enters the detection area and provides 1100 lumens of light.

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4) IP55 Outdoor Sensors

Secure your surroundings and save energy.

Hager now have a comprehensive range of outdoor motion detectors helping to provide peace of mind.
Available in standard or enhanced versions, Hager sensors can be mounted in a variety of ways and their enhanced sensors can be programmed via a remote control (EE806).

With a crisp and stylish design, their range of occupancy motion detectors come packed with features.


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