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Sloane 2.0 Exterior Lighting

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The upgrade on this classic globe luminaire sees significant improvement in performance, efficiency and output, making it our best version yet.

The stylish spherical design of the Sloane 2.0 offers symmetrical, radial illumination and the upward light-shield reflects, preventing the loss of light through the top of the globe.

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The new clover-shaped housing for the LED modules supports the full and even spread of light, as well as the reduction of upward light, allowing maximum distribution and a more effective use of energy, making it perfect for large-area applications such as retail areas.

The 60W LED fitting produces a 10% increase in efficiency and a 25% increase in light output in comparison to its predecessor. The polycarbonate body coupled with the its improved IK rating and class 2 status make this the best choice new and retrofit projects.

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