Wylex: The Single Module Arc Fault Detection Device.
Smaller Device. Greater Protection.

Wylex’s smallest ever AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Device) detects and disconnects arc faults to prevent electrical fires. It also does the job of both miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and a residual current device (RCD), and it’s also able to detect the arc faults that they simply can’t.

What’s more, Wylex’s AFDD is half the size of its predecessor and can be retrofitted to existing consumer units.

While AFDDs are new to the UK wiring regulations, they are recommended. In fact, the majority of electrical professionals agree they can help prevent electrical fires. Read our previous blog on Arc Fault Detection Devices and 18th Edition Regulations

This clever little device combines three forms of technology into one:wylex afdd rcbo single module

  • MCB technology for protection against overcurrent and overheating
  • RCD technology against electric shocks
  • AFDD technology that protects against arc faults that can cause fires

Watch the video about the arc fault detection device here to learn more about the product:

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