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Fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes are low-pressure mercury-vapour gas-discharge lamps that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. An electric current in the gas excites mercury vapour which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb to glow.

They convert electrical energy into useful light much more efficiently than incandescent lamps. The luminous efficacy of fluorescent light bulbs can exceed 100 lumens per watt, several times the efficacy of an incandescent bulb with comparable light output.

We have a wide variety of lamps available. It is important that you choose the right fluorescent lamp for your fitting and purpose. We are here to make sure you get the right fluorescent lamp that you require.

Lamp Disposal Service Available

Contact Electrical offer an environmentally friendly lamp disposal service for customers purchasing new fluorescent lamps. Ask about lamp disposal when you talk to us.

Contact Electrical Wholesale Ltd stock many makes of fluorescent lamps including Osram, Sylvania, Crompton, Phillips and Kosnic.

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Contact Electrical is pleased to offer credit accounts to those that pass the qualifying criteria. If you would like to apply for a credit account, download and fill out ourĀ Credit Account Application form here.