Hager electrical RCDs at a glance

Hager Solution

Due to the style of circuits, the nature of loads
connected to these circuits and the frequent use of
RCDs to protect a group of circuits, Hager believe
that the majority of electrical circuits in residential
and commercial applications will require a type A
RCD solution.
For this reason, Hager provides a comprehensive type
A solution across our full range of RCD including
RCCBs, RCBOs and RCD add on blocks.











Types of Hager RCDs

Different Types of Hager RCDs

RCD’s exist in various different forms and react
differently depending on the presence of DC
components or different frequencies. The following
RCD’s are available with the respective symbols
and the designer or installer is required to select the
appropriate device for the specific application:

Type AC – General purpose use
RCD can detect & respond to AC
sinusoidal wave only.

Type A – Equipment incorporating
electronic components
RCD can detect & respond as for type
AC, PLUS pulsating DC components.
Type F – Equipment with frequency
controlled speed drives
RCD can detect & respond as for type A,


PLUS high-frequency residual current.Type B –Electric vehicle chargers, PV


RCD can detect & respond for type F,
PLUS smooth DC residual current.


Hager RCDs Examples of the type of equipment/load


Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive loads generally
without any electronic components, typically:
• Immersion heater
• Oven/Hob with resistive heating elements
• Electric shower
• Tungsten & halogen lighting

Type A RCD

Single phase with electronic components,
• Single phase invertors
• Class 1 IT and Multimedia equipment
• Power supplies for Class 2 equipment
• Appliances such as a washing machine
that is not frequency controlled e.g. d.c. or
universal motor
• Lighting controls such as a dimmer switch
and home and building electronic systems
LED drivers
• Induction hobs
• Electric Vehicle charging where any smooth
DC fault current is less than 6 mA
Type A is also suitable for Type AC

Type F RCD

Frequency controlled equipment/appliances,
• Some washing machines, dishwashers and
driers e.g. containing synchronous motors*
• Some class 1 power tools
• Some air conditioning controllers using
variable frequency speed drives
Type F is also suitable for Type AC and Type
A applications.

Type B RCD

Three-phase electronic equipment typically:
• Inverters for speed control
• Electric Vehicle charging where any smooth
DC fault current is greater than 6mA
• Photovoltaic
• Power Electronic Converter Systems (PECS)
• Industrial machines
• Cranes

Type B is also suitable for Type AC, Type A
and Type F applications.

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